Welcome to Swaziland Animal Welfare Society!

A self-funded, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the welfare of animals in Swaziland.

Boarding Facilities

Have peace of mind when you travel that your furry family is being well cared for. Please contact us for details.

Grooming Services

Our experienced staff will wash, trim, brush and deflea your best friend!

Adoptable Creatures

Come and see us to meet the waifs and strays looking for a forever home! Dogs and cats available now!

October 4 - World Animal Day - https://www.worldanimalday.org.uk

This global movement to raise the status of animals is proudly coordinated by Naturewatch Foundation.

We need your help to keep going! For more information about contributing, please visit the Donations section.

About US

SAWS (Swaziland Animal Welfare Society) is a non-profit organization run by a small committee of volunteers, with a staff of 7 for the kennels at Mbabane and Manzini. SAWS relies entirely on the generosity of the general public and various corporate donors as we don't receive any financial support from the government.

All donations go towards the dedicated aims of SAWS.

● Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

● Protection of needy Animals, including; transport, accommodation, veterinary treatment and placement into homes

● Physical wellness of Animals through clinics, training and education

At current cost levels SAWS needs to raise E1 million every year in order to survive. The average number of Animals in our Mbabane Kennels over the past year was 34/day. SAWS will spend over E190,000.00 this financial year on animal foods and over E275,000.00 on medicines & veterinary treatments. Please talk to your friends about SAWS and if you care to join us please complete an application form for membership.

We truly appreciate your valuable support!

A short video about us and what we do...


Maintenance is also always an issue. Any donations of building materials or services is always appreciated!

We need your help to keep going! For more information about contributing, please visit the Donations section.

Our Mission

Please support us in our pursuit of helping the animals of our beautiful Kingdom!


• To uphold the laws of Swaziland and specifically the Cruelty to Animals Act 43/1962.

• Provide care for needy animals, including transport, accommodation, medical treatment and placement into caring homes where possible.

• Maintain ‘Lost & Found’ and ‘Homes Wanted/ Offered’ registers.

• Promote education and awareness about animals.

• Hold rural clinics country-wide.

• Assist local authorities in animal welfare matters, eg: visit City Council pounds.


Whiskers on a cat's face


Dog's Permanent Teeth


Cats jump x thier height


Dog's heartbeat per min.

We need your help to keep going! For more information about contributing, please visit the Donations section.

Our Services

In addition to hosting neuter/spay and vaccination clinics regionally, we also offer kennel boarding services, grooming & washing services and adoption opportunities. Stop by our offices to browse our shop for collars, bits and pieces and second hand books!

Ask us about Membership!


Clean Kennels

  • Pet friendly staff
  • Safe & Secure
  • Peace of mind while you travel


Let us clean up for you!

  • Washing
  • Brushing
  • Trimming
    (Mbabane only)
  • Tick and Flea Dip


Do you have room in your life for a forever friend?

  • Dogs & Puppies
  • Cats & Kittens

We need your help to keep going! For more information about contributing, please visit the Donations section.

How to Help


GlobalGiving is the largest global crowdfunding community connecting nonprofits, donors and companies in nearly every country. Since 2002, they have helped raise more than USD 412 million from over 900,000 individuals and corporate donors and supported over 23,000 projects in 170 countries.
GlobalGiving is committed to ensuring that member non-profits are making an impact with the donations they receive, so there is a rigorous due diligence process which we are going through. Only organizations that successfully pass this process can become a member of GlobalGiving, which means that if we become a member, donors will have confidence to donate to our cause. We're in the final step of the process and this is where we need your help! To be a part of the GlobalGiving Community, we need to participate in the December Accelerator Challenge and raise a minimum of $5,000 from 40 different donors between December 3 and 31.

This is an enormous opportunity for us to increase our funding so that we can expand our reach and make a much bigger impact; help more abused, neglected and homeless animals; to provide more veterinary care; to significantly expand our spay/neuter program, and save more lives!

Any donation will help us towards meeting this goal! Being a part of GlobalGiving will change the world for the animals in Eswatini that desperately need our help. Donations start at USD 10.00 which is equivalent to SZL 140.00. If we can get SZL 140.00 from 500 of you, we can reach our goal!!

Donations can be made on the project page https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/spay-neuter-animals-in-eswatini/ (Short Link: http://goto.gg/41536) starting from December 3 (ET 12 am or SAST 7 am) to December 31.

Wishlist - the BIG Stuff

  • Renovations Mbabane Kennels E250,000.00
  • Spay/Neuter Clinic capacity 50 Neuters + 100 others for vaccinations etc E55,000.00
  • Cat Kennel Renovations Manzini E30,000.00
  • Dog food for 1 month average occupancy = 343 animal days E14,000.00
  • Printing educational materials class of 30 children E10,000.00
  • Part time teacher - Animal Care Part-time Monthly Salary + Travelling E7,500.00
  • Steam Sterilizer (Autoclave) to sterilize instruments/drapes/swabs for clinics E6,000.00

Wishlist - The little things that count!

  • Cat Squash Cage for Clinics to enable Vets to vaccinate cats E1,750.00
  • Neuter 1 dog/cat E550.00
  • Fully Vaccinate 1 dog/cat E275.00
  • Feed & care for 1 dog for a month E175.00

Bank Details - For EASY EFT!

Account name: Swaziland Animal Welfare Society
Bank: Standard Bank of Swaziland
Branch: Mbabane 663164
Account No: 9110000789871


SAWS recently launched an APPEAL for FUNDS for the rehabilitation of the Mbabane Kennels. The Appeal aims to raise a Quarter of a Million Emalangeni for very necessary reconstruction work. Members are very welcome to visit Mbabane Kennels and have a conducted tour so that first-hand experience can be gained. Very little has been spent in recent years on the fabric of the buildings. The rebuilding fund is in addition to regular fundraising for welfare of the animals.
Currently the Building Fund now stands atE290.94, with pledges of building materials once construction starts.
BUT we do have a very long way to go!!


Membership Form

SAWS is registered as a not-for-profit company in Eswatini. A Board of Directors is appointed by the Members at its Annual General Meeting to carry out its objectives and manage its operations. The Board is assisted by committees of Members who are focussed on key strategic areas of operation such as fund-raising, spay days etc.

Benefits of becoming a SAWS Member
Participate and vote at AGM – 1 vote per Member;
Join a SAWS’ committee to actively assist SAWS to fulfil its objectives
Receive SAWS Newsletter and What’s App group – news, activities and events


Remember us in your will, help with cash or put some time into assisting with education/awareness. Share in the weekend duty roster to keep an eye on the animals (+-3 times a year) or sponsor a specific animal until we can place it in a forever home (bank details above)!

Help us with Fundraising

We have ongoing fundraising campaigns that could always use some spare hands! Help out at our annual golf day, help sell raffle tickets, lend a hand at one of our jumble and book sales or volunteer to assist with Christmas card and gift catalogue sales. Your input would be greatly appreciated!

We need your help to keep going! For more information about contributing, please visit the Donations section.

Suggested Vaccination/Sterilization Schedule

By law, pets MUST be vaccinated against rabies EVERY YEAR!
PLEASE protect your animals, livestock and neighbours!! Vaccinate Annually!

Sterilize all dogs and cats before 6 months of age!


Vaccinations 6-8 Weeks - Parvo & 5 in 110-12 Weeks - 5 in 1 Booster & Rabies12 months - 5 in 1 & Rabies**Thereafter repeat rabies ANNUALLY!


Vaccinations 6-8 Weeks - 3 in 110-12 Weeks - 3 in 1 Booster & Rabies12 months - 3 in 1 & Rabies**Thereafter repeat rabies ANNUALLY!

DEWORMING 2 Weeks before whelping - deworm pregnant bitch 6 Weeks - Pup's first deworming6-12 Weeks Repeat every second weekThereafter every 3 months (4 times a year)
THROAT WORMIn the Mbabane/Pine Valley/Ezulwini areas dogs should be checked by a Vet every 6 months
DEWORMING 6 Weeks - Kitten's first deworming6-12 Weeks Repeat every second weekThereafter every 6 months (twice a year)


Don't forget about our GROOMING, BOARDING, ADOPTION services, as well as our SHOP SALES of animal accessories & including food!!


We would like to thank our generous sponsors both private and corporate for thier input and assistance. Without you we wouldn't be able to do the work we do!! Siyabonga Kakhulu!!!

While there are too many kind people to mention all of them (you KNOW who you are), we have recently (and in some cases on an ongoing basis) recieved some donations/contributions that we would like to acknowledge.


Mbabane Motors/ Foss family (new Chevrolet vehicle)

AD Enterprises for regular support and animal food!

Leites Toyota for regular financial support!

Eagles Nest for regular support and animal food!

Mountain Inn for ongoing sponsorship!

Apollo Printers for ongoing printing services!


Donation of Dog Food
We recently received a donation of 2 tonnes of ‘Monty & Me’ dog food as a result of a promotion by Farm Services, Buy & Save SPAR Group & Montego Pet Nutrition.

Build It MbabaneThanks are due to Build It Mbabane for the donation of Roofing & Cement for our cat enclosure. Broken

NetComm for sponsoring the hosting of our website!


The ‘Wild Kid’s, a group of young ladies who took a stall over the Bushfire weekend and donated 25% of their profits to SAWS which amounted to E2000.00. They are Cira & Ella McGinn and Bo & Doone Young.

Chilli Pepper Consulting for the sponsorship, design & maintenance of our website!

We need your help to keep going! For more information about contributing, please visit the Donations section.

Contact Us

If you would like to assist in our next clinic, adopt a creature or have questions, please be in touch. We would love to hear from you!